ISOPT Clinical

 ISOPT Clinical is an annual Symposium focusing on ocular clinical drug treatments via a pragmatic clinical angle. The ISOPT Clinical Symposium participants are clinicians, clinical investigators, academy based researchers and members of the industry.

ISOPT Clinical board has two major missions:

  1. To provide updates on current paradigms of therapy for common ophthalmic diseases with profound risk / benefit coverage.
  2. To assess expected therapeutic paradigm shifts in the near future as reflected in current clinical research.

The ISOPT Clinical  meeting will focus on CASE PRESENTATIONS as they demonstrate current treatment options. ISOPT Clinical esteemed speakers will discuss cases reflecting new emerging treatments, as they are perceived through their experience.

Clinicians, researchers and ophthalmologists-in-training are invited to submit challenging cases and free papers.

ISOPT Clinical  Symposium provides informal atmosphere for discussions with the faculty and opportunities for younger investigators to meet potential mentors and discuss their ideas with leading investigators.

We invite you to join ISOPT Clinical in Rome December 1-3, 2016 and hope you will use it as a platform to discuss your clinical cases and present your research achievements as part of the ISOPT Clinical program.

Sara Krupsky MD


Ron Neumann MD