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Innovation Day

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the pre-meeting Innovation Day scheduled to take place on February 28th, 2018.

Pioneering companies will present projects in Ophthalmology. The presentations will focus on the science, the clinical application of the technology and its expected role in the ophthalmic practice. Regulatory agents across the globe (FDA, EMEA etc.) and to angle investors companies were invited to participate.

Each project presentation is allotted 15 minutes. Presenting companies will sponsor the meeting for 2000 Euros.

Over the last 25 years, ISOPT Clinical had become a major global event focusing on ocular drug therapy and devices used in all major fields in Ophthalmology via a pragmatic clinical angle.
ISOPT Clinical carries two major missions:

1. Provide updates on current paradigms of therapy for common ophthalmic diseases with profound risk - benefit coverage.

2. Assess expected therapeutic paradigm shifts as reflected from current clinical research.
Aproximately 100 invited speakers will cover most relevant and up-to-date issues in ophthalmic drug and device development.

ISOPT Clinical is a meeting place for small and large ocular pharma-companies, clinical investigators, regulatory experts, clinicians, and those representing the financial sectors of ophthalmic investment. Clinicians, are in a critical point to identify unmet needs to which drug development should be targeted and have daily experience allowing them to provide valuable feedback to developers and regulatory authorities. ISOPT Clinical creates the opportunity for informal illustrated communications.

Looking forward to fruitful networking and exciting presentations,


Ron Neumann, MD
Sara Krupsky, MD
ISOPT Clinical, Chairpersons


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