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ISOPT Clinical is the meeting focusing on ocular treatments with drugs & devices and brings together clinicians, clinical investigators, academy based researchers and members of the industry. A major theme of the 2018 ISOPT Clinical Symposium will be the translation of phase 3 data to "real world" medical practice.


The importance of collaboration between science and industry is reflected in the content of the meeting program (Previous programs). You are invited to join both as a sponsor and as an expert in ocular drug development and take part in the discussions.

If you wish to bring to the front research and development on a topic of interest to your company or present a product ready for the market, you may choose to plan a 45 minutes company sponsored session.

  • Parallel session

  • Plenary session

  • Lunch session


You may also attract the attention to your presence in the ophthalmic market by other modes of sponsorship and educational grants.


For details please contact:   

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