Dear Colleague,

It gives us a great pleasure to announce the 15th ISOPT Clinical, Retina Chapter scheduled for

November 7-9, 2019 in Valencia, Spain.

While the 2019 ISOPT Clinical meeting will focus on the medical treatment of retinal diseases, the 2021 meeting will deal with diseases of the anterior segment of the eye and Glaucoma.

Extensive research & development efforts are invested in major retinal diseases: dry and wet AMD, RVO, Diabetic Retinopathy, macular and retinal edema, retinitis pigmentosa and other forms of inherited retinal degenerative diseases. Retinal drug delivery research efforts are directed on effective ways to deliver lead drugs to the retina while avoiding repeated frequent intraocular injections.


ISOPT Clinical, Retina Chapter is the meeting for those who are interested in clinical research, those who wonder how drugs are developed, appreciate the opportunities and limitations of new technologies, the industry and those who would like to collaborate with it.

Presentations and discussions will focus on

  • Drugs and technologies that we own now and their best use in specific clinical situations

  • Drugs and technologies that are in late phase development and their expected impact

  • Defining and addressing the unmet medical needs that are still evident


A team of clinical investigators, clinicians, academy-based researchers, the industry and regulatory bodies will lead the presentation and discussions groups on hot topics while special attention will be given to original abstracts.

As in previous meetings, the organization will seek CME accreditation for participation in the educational program and promises to allow some time to enjoy the wonders of Valencia


Mark your Calendar: ISOPT Clinical, Retina Chapter on November 7-9, 2019 in Valencia Spain.


Looking Forward to welcoming you in Valencia, Spain


Ron Neumann, MD

Sara Krupsky, MD

ISOPT Clinical, Chairs

Ron Neumann, MD

Sara Krupsky, MD