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Dear colleagues, ​

It is our great pleasure welcoming you to the 14th ISOPT Clinical meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel​.

This year's meeting will focus on drugs and devices as part of the ophthalmologist tool box dealing with ailments of the eye. Ophthalmology had been traditionally a surgical field. Over the last decades a slow, but significant revolution took place with the introduction of new drugs utilizing invasive modes of delivery to the eye. In addition, new devices and drug/device combinations are being launched and change the way we practice ophthalmology today. ​

The vision of ISOPT Clinical had evolved since 1995 centering on:

  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of drug utilization in ophthalmology

  • Reflecting innovations and their application in daily practice

  • Bridging the present to the future


This will be reflected in ISOPT Clinical mission:​

  • Discussion of treatment algorithms in major ophthalmic indications

  • Implement data from clinical studies for daily practice

  • Facilitate innovation – connecting innovators with clinicians

  • Encourage meetings of young innovators with the pharma industry


ISOPT Clinical offers a relevant and updated scientific program in a relaxed atmosphere leading to direct interactions of its delegates. We are sure that Interaction with colleagues from many different countries will stimulate a creative exchange of ideas and will be personally rewarding.


We welcome you to Tel Aviv, 

Ron Neumann, MD

Sara Krupsky, MD

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